At PTMS, not only do we work with merchants that have been turned away by other processors, but we promise to do everything possible to maintain the good-standing of your account to prevent processing complications. Our in-house development team offers assistance with payment integration into your websites and provide exceptional customer service.

Whether you need gateway support, technical support or Point of Sale devices (wireless or desktop). We take pride in our ability to provide the right solution to our customers.

Credit & Debit Card Processing


The ability to process credit and debit cards is an essential component for business growth, revenue generation & security today. PTMS provides comprehensive credit card processing solutions for both domestic and international cards for all brands.

PassThru works with all industries. We understand that each industry has different requirements and rates. Properly setting up your account is critical to your bottom line.

Industries we support:

  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Petroleum
  • Supermarket
  • Quick Sale Retail
  • eCommerce & Software
  • Softwares
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Education
  • Nonprofit

Electronic Check Processing 


For ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions, our web-based software system allows you to automatically debit your customer’s bank account online, anytime. As with credit cards, you can initiate immediate payments or set up recurring billing cycles, allowing the web-based system to debit the customer’s bank account automatically on specified dates.

Gift & Loyalty Cards


We assist our merchants in building a solid foundation for customer loyalty by offering creative programs like Gift & Loyalty Cards and Customer Reward Services.

PTMS has maintained relationships with industry leading wholesales of today’s most innovative and effective marketing pieces which convert to Gift & Loyalty Cards once redeemed. The response rate to these programs has proven to be exponentially higher than traditional programs.

Cash Advance / 12 to 24 Month Loans

We offer rapid cash advance solutions to help expand your business!

Here’s How It Works: Simply let us know how much cash you would like to be advanced. We then review your request based on your average credit card processing volume. Once you are approved, you simply sign the paperwork and the cash is sent to you within days!

It’s THAT simple!

After you have your funds, we simply deduct a predetermined percentage from your daily cards receipts until the agreed amount is paid back.