If you don’t have merchant services, you cannot accept credit cards. And if you aren’t accepting credit cards, you’re losing business.

Merchants are businesses that capture payments in the form of cash, check and credit/debit cards.

Merchants are categorized on how they process payments. Card Present Merchants, are those that actually see the card during the payment process. Retail business, of all types, fall into this category.

Card Not Present Merchants, are the types that sell products and services via Internet, Catalog, Television Advertising and other forms where the customer calls, or sends via mail or through a secure Internet connection their credit card information and the merchant never sees the physical card during the process of the transactions.

How your business process transactions is a major factor in your total costs.

We are committed to merchant awareness, protection and services. We pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive processing solutions while maintaining the integrity of fully disclosing rates and fees, thus minimizing confusion and insuring our merchants are well informed.