Implementing a Gift and Loyalty program for your business

Increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases with a gift and loyalty program that has great features benefiting all kinds of merchants, including but not limited to: retail outlets, resorts, restaurants and associations.

Providing customizable solutions for gift and loyalty programs, as well as extensive reporting and tracking capabilities, we offer your business the ability to be more competitive, increasing your profits and store traffic.

Why choose plastic gift cards over paper?

  • Increases prepaid gift sales
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Keeps full cash value in store
  • Customers spend more
  • Boosts Loyalty Program usage
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Powerful promotional tool
  • Complete transaction reporting

Example of how gift cards and loyalty programs work:

  • Customer asks for a gift card for any dollar amount they want (minimums can be set).
  • Cashier collects payment and takes a new gift card and swipes it through the POS or terminal and adds the prepaid amount to the card.
  • The customer is handed a receipt and Gift Card that they can use any time they visit.
  • Gift Cards are transferable and can be given to family and friends.
  • The Cards can be reused and recycled and sold to another customer after balances are redeemed.
  • Our programs allow for a loyalty or points system to be attached so that customers can add value to their card and earn rewards based on how much they spend in your business.