Accepting Payments or Electronic Checks by ACH

ACH Payments are often referred to as "Electronic Check" payments since the transaction is an electronic debit or withdrawal from a business or consumer bank account.

ACH is an acronym for the Automated Clearing House of the Federal Reserve. The ACH System is the most instant, economical, reliable and efficient payment system in the world. The ACH Network allows funds to be exchanged electronically between banks and their individual account holders.

Although ACH Services are offered by many banks to certain types of account holders, utilizing the services of an ACH Processor such as PassThru can be a more efficient, less costly and more manageable approach to employing ACH Payments.

Individual Payments through Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal, within the PassThru System allows you to instantly initiate ACH (and/or Bank Card) Payments manually from any PC with internet access by entering minimal information to include the payer's bank routing and account numbers into the payment screen. You can also utilize the Virtual Terminal to make an Electronic Funds Transfer in the form of an ACH Credit to pay a vendor, perform a refund or distribute compensation or other revenues to individuals or businesses.

Automated Recurring Payments

The Recurring Billing Screen allows you to schedule an automatic recurring debit or payment on a specified cycle. That cycle can be a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or annually.

Batch Billing or Payments

PassThru provides you with easy to use software at no cost which enables you to securely upload a batch file containing any number of accumulated payments or bills due on whatever schedule you wish and have them processed as ACH Debits or Credits.

Web Services Interface

PassThru provides simple Web Services access to those wishing to submit ACH (or Bank Card) payments over the internet or initiate web services calls from within an Application Software. A comprehensive Technical & Instructional Guide and no cost Technical Support are also provided as well as a testing environment.

FTP File Exchange

The Secure Payment Vault facilitates the "Tokenization" and secure storage of Customer Bank Routing and Account Numbers (or Credit Card Numbers) for use in initiating future payments on behalf of those customers. A Customer Number other identifying number assigned by you or by the system becomes the "Token". When a later payment is made, the Token identifies the Customer Record in the Vault, retrieves the payment data, and processes the payment automatically. Essentially, subsequent transactions, regardless of how they are initiated, are processed utilizing the payment credentials (Account or Card Numbers) on file for that Customer.

Payment Verification

The optional Payment Verification Service allows you to instantly determine the likelihood that an ACH Debit Payment will be successful. The service looks at two national databases. The first (a Negative Database) is a list of individuals who have written a material number of bad checks or have unpaid returned checks as well as lists bank account numbers recently associated with fraud. The second is a database (a Positive Database) supported by the ATM Networks. This indicates whether the bank account is open and in good standing at the payer's bank.

If the payer initiating an ACH transaction is not a current listing in the negative database and the account has a positive listing in the ATM Database, the transaction is allowed to proceed, if the contrary is true, the transaction is declined. This system prevents failed or fraudulent payments as well as potential returned item fees.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) via ACH for Cash Distributions

PassThru provides ACH Services in support of organizations needing to electronically remit funds to and from US Consumer and Business Bank Accounts.